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A piece of the old world in the new


"You may have the universe if I may have Italy." – Giuseppe Verdi

Costa Rica

Pura Vida!


"When a man is tired of England, he is tired of life." - Samuel Johnson


The Middle Kingdom

Washington D.C.

"We the People of the United States..." - Governor Morris


La Belle Province

New York City

The concrete jungle that never sleeps


Safety is our first priority

Experienced, certified Tour Directors, major airlines, new buses, airport assistance, and destinations we know like the back of our hands. Know more about how serious we are here.

Learning Objectives

Focused learning is effective learning. We identify specific Learning Objectives in line with the curriculum taught. These objectives will then be highlighted during the trip.

Professionals and Experts

From the moment you contact us we take you by the hand. Our experienced Tour Consultants will guide you through the planning process. As of day one, our Tour Directors will be at your side 24/7. Together with local guides, they educate and offer insight on tour. Get to know more about our Amazing Team.

A Unique Experience!

All of out Tours are Private and Customized Programs
All Inclusive experience…really!
Your Flights, your dates, your choice!
Easy Registration. Multiple  and Convenient Payment options.
You do the Fun part. We take care of the rest…from A to Z!

Going Green

Prometour’s carbon offset program is generated through the Limay Community Carbon Project, a social reforestation project developed by Taking Root, in collaboration with small farming families in Nicaragua.
Prometour is pleased to offer a Carbon Offset certificate for your trip!


Don’t let pricing hold you back from the experience of a lifetime! Prometour offers fundraising resources to help supplement the cost of any trip! Just give us a call or find out here what steps you should take to make your goal a reality!

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Loyal Schools

"”Homestay in Rouen, visit to Versailles with French correspondents, and after an unforgettable, history-laden tour of Normandy, a last night in Paris with our wonderful guide, Fabien!”"

− Elizabeth, HFLD, NY, Group Leader, School Exchange in France

"”Just a quick update to let you know that we had a wonderful trip in Paris. The guide was excellent, and all went very smoothly. The weather was glorious too…Thank you!”"

− Delinka, French Teacher, Hungary, Group Leader, France Trip

"”Prometour is the most Flexible and accommodating Tour Company. We have had the same Tour Guide for the last four trips and Fabien has always been the best”"

− Kathleen, NY, Group Leader, Quebec Triper